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Driving Tips
Drive those fears aways

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Here are a few tips on planning ahead when you have to hit the road.
  • Check the weather. A complete weather check can help you pack the right clothes, plan an alternate route, or in cases of extreme weather, a different time to travel.
  • Ensure everyone is buckled up. Have child safety seats checked for proper installation.
  • Allow plenty of time to drive and reach your destination. Alleviate unnecessary stress by taking breaks for meals, sight seeing, and bathroom stops.
  • Keep your distance between vehicles. Assume other drivers, especially those of heavier vehicles on the highway, may attempt risky maneuvers such as sudden lane changes. Drive defensively!
  • Make sure your vehicle is ready for a long road trip. Check your oil, tires, battery, cooling system and all belts and hoses. Check to see if all the fuses are there and in good condition. Always carry extra fuses, at least one of every size. Inspect your tyres periodically for unusual wear. Look close for cuts, punctures, embedded screws, nails and other objects, big or small. It is equally important to keep your spare tyre up to par.
  • Carry a cellular phone with you. Remember that if caught talking on the cellular phone while driving, you can be fined. Make sure that children know how to use the cell phone to get help in an emergency.
  • Don't overfill your vehicle with luggage. A cramped vehicle is uncomfortable for the driver and passengers. Good visibility is essential. Choose a carrier if necessary.
  • Travel during off-peak times, if possible in order to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Don't stop exercising just because you're on the road. Take a walk or go for a run. Any physical activity will greatly reduce the stress of a road trip.
  • When traveling with pets, plan accordingly. Find a veterinarian in the area you are traveling to, and on the way to your destination. He'll be a real help if your pet becomes ill or gets injured.
  • Breakdowns can be stressful and even frightening. Taking a few steps in advance can save you time, emergency service costs and a headache. Have an emergency kit ready for many different situations. The kit should meet your individual needs and be equipped with items ranging from spares, light sources, fuses, tyre inflators, to safety kits and other items to attract or provide help. Personal items should be gathered to complete the emergency supplies. Keep in mind your life-style, your family and the regions where you travel and compile items accordingly.

So, soothe your frayed nerves... and take time to prepare for the long road ahead. We promise that your fears of a bumpy road ahead will be allayed and that your trip will be smooth sailing. So much so that you'll soon find yourself thinking about the next one!

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Drive away City Blues

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The best safety device in a car is a well-trained driver
Have some tips that can make your driving through the same city roads not only comfortable, but also delightful.

Check out these 'smooth sailing (read: driving)' tips that will make driving in the city, a whole new experience.

  • Avoid filling stations at rush hours. Never head towards the filling station during rush hours. Make sure to fill up the fuel tank and check tyre pressure at your convenience.
  • Drive within the speed limits. Avoid the urge to overspeed and cross speed limits. Remember, being five minutes late in this world is better than being five minutes early to the next.
  • Always use safe driving accessories. It is very important to check that all the accessories are functioning properly. Adjust the angle of the rear vision mirror according to your own convenience before starting your car. Seat belts and child lock ensure prevention before a mishap occurs.
  • Talking on cellular phone while driving is a strict NO. Using cellular phones while driving can be fatal. While speaking on the cellular phone your attention can be diverted from the road ahead. There may be unexpected slowing down, sudden lane changing, etc. by you.
  • Avoiding honking unnecessarily. Do not misuse the privilege of having a horn at your disposal. Blowing the horn suddenly creates confusion among fellow drivers. Prolonged honking and the use of certain kinds of horns also contribute to noise pollution.
  • Change lanes only with indication. Do not change lanes suddenly and without indicating your intention to move to a different lane. Always overtake a vehicle from its right-hand side.
  • Safe backing saves a lot. Careful backing of one's car at low speed and with a backing signal on can help prevent any collision. This becomes even more important in the generally crowded public parking places, where one has to be really deft to manoeuvre the car in or out.
  • Relax on seeing red. There's not much you can do about a traffic signal that has just turned red as you approached the crossing! So why not take it as an opportunity to spend a few moments of relaxation?
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Warming the Winter Worries

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Winter driving is capable of challenging the most seasoned of drivers. The long hours of darkness coupled with chilly winds, fog, and snow in some parts of India make driving difficult. Here are some tips to prepare you to drive away those nippy blues!

  • Warming up the engine: Though it is very important not to start driving before your engine is warmed up. Do not warm it up with too long idling - 60 to 100 seconds is usually enough time to allow your engine to idle. A cold engine will warm up faster when the vehicle is being driven than when left to idle for long periods of time. When the weather is unusually cold, remember to drive at slower speeds for a few miles to give your car time to warm up.
  • Be sure your vehicle is maintained properly: Lights, brakes, windshield wipers, defrosters, radiator and other parts of your vehicle should be in good working condition
  • Under the hood: Check the battery. It takes more power to start a car in the cold. Ensure clean, tight connections and proper fluid levels. Clean corrosion from battery terminals regularly.
  • Heater & Defogging: Always use the heater with the air conditioner's toggle button turned on 'Fresh air' mode. Set air intake control and air flow control to a well ventilated position and the temperature control function to a comfortably warm position. When the car is fogged from inside, the AC can be used for increased defogging action.
  • Check tyre pressure: A chilly morning is probably a good time to check tyre inflation pressures.
  • Slow down!: While driving through fog, ensure you drive slowly and keep your eyes trained on the vehicle ahead of you. You should ideally drive at a speed that allows you to stop within the distance of your visibility.
  • Don't tailgate: Never hang on to the lights of the vehicle in front, it only gives a false sense of security.
  • Fogging inside the car: Turn on the defroster and blower to eliminate condensation on the insides of your windshields and windows
  • Lights: Use low-beam lights. In a fog, high beams reflect back on the driver, actually reducing visibility further.
  • Indicators: Have your fog lamps and indicator lights on. Getting high mounted stop lights may be a good idea for increased visibility. Avoid sudden stops and turns. Remember, the driver behind you cannot see well, either.
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